Setting up a hub in the South District

Setting up a hub in the South District

The South District is not easy to access from Tarawa. Therefore, it was decided to establish a “hub” in Tab North to train local survey coordinators, who would then be sent to each island of the South District where they would work with a local assistant.

A two-day training workshop for the survey coordinators was organized Tab North. Ruute Wiram, the Island Education Coordinator, had organized the recruitment, and when the trainers arrived from Tarawa everything was prepared and they were ready to roll.

Veronique introduced the project and its objectives, while Ruteta, the supervisor and coordinator of TabNorth, lead the workshop. The participants visited a pre-school on the second day. The objective was for the trainers to practice weighing and measuring children and assisting parents and teachers in filling out the questionnaires- the activities the will be doing during the actual survey.

On Thursday April 20, Tebeeua was the first one to leave, heading for Arorae and Tamana. Next, Tekaro flies to Nikunau, Tekoa to Onotoa, Kakiree to Beru, and Teaaiti will visit Tab South.

Tibwere will help and assist Ruteta in TabNorth. The team is motivated and ready for their mission, let’s wish them all good luck

Let’s join hands to assist and improve our preschool

Let’s join hands to assist and improve our preschool

Education is important,
Encourage children of age three to five
Cultivate them with knowledge wisdom and culture,
so they are prepared for the next level

Parents help your children to go to school
Give them your full support for they may be leaders of our country,
so uphold your role encourage school for all

Back to Tarawa

Our survey coordinator, Meereti Tabare, came back to Tarawa on Friday, April 7, after spending 5 days on Kuria Island where she assessed the development of all children ages 3 to 5 years old living on the island. To demonstrate their commitment to early childhood education, the preschool teachers and children all gathered in the main maneaba on the last day of Meereti’s stay. Everyone was happy to show their support, and the community graciously prepared food for everyone to share. We are very grateful for the help provided by everyone in Kuria to make the school readiness survey a success.