Kiribati Preschool

The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce a new initiative starting on March 15th. To gain a better understanding of early childhood development in Kiribati, a survey will be conducted to collect data about all children ages 3 to 5 years old, whether attending preschool or not attending preschool.

The survey will take place on all the islands of Kiribati. The information collected will help the Ministry to better understand the needs and what can be put in place in order to improve the preschool system on all islands.

A team of assessors will visit each preschool, and teachers will be asked to fill a questionnaire about each child. For children who are not attending preschool, community events will also be organized to try to collect similar information from parents.

The collaboration of the whole community is key to the success of this project. Teachers and parents are the main players to help bring about change so children can get an easy and nice start in their school life. Together, let’s join hands to assist and improve our preschools.

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